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Conviction Careers exists to fill a gap between employers and job seekers with criminal backgrounds.

We know from Department of Corrections studies that our program cuts the recidivism rate by 50%.

We are hoping to increase that even more by working directly with employers and using technology to increase the effectiveness of our communications.

Our goal is to see ex-offenders live crime free lives with work as part of that crime free foundation. Working with employers to identify jobs that people with criminal backgrounds can be matched with and have a chance to win plays a big part in meeting that goal.

Conviction Careers has its history in another non-profit, M2 Job Therapy of Snohomish County. M2 Job Therapy provided similar job services for over 25 years in Snohomish County. Budget cutbacks required the closure of the program. The need did not go away and new funding became available through a family with a heart for people and the community and a new non-profit was formed, Conviction Careers.

Our desire is to build on the success enjoyed by M2 Job Therapy and advance our work to see people go from committing crimes to contributing to the community, their families and the advancement of the next generation by becoming actively employed, paying taxes and making a positive impact!

If you would like help please contact us at (866) 436-1960 or email info@convictioncareers.org.